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Back tae Auld Claes
an' Porridge

Image by Rayan de Zeeuw on Unsplash

A Scottish coming-of-age story

From the misery of the forties to the recovery of the fifties and into the Swinging Sixties

Through the eyes of its main character James, this Scottish coming-of-age story evokes daily life of Edinburgh folk in the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s.

Set against the backdrop of a still-depressed Leith and a regenerating Edinburgh, Back tae Auld Claes an’ Porridge chronicles three decades in the lives of a Scottish family.

In two captivating volumes, Jack Melrose tells the unique story of Janet and Ian Swanston as they pick up the pieces after six long years of war, bringing up their two bairns in a slum tenement.

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Wondering about the title of this Scottish coming-of-age story?

Scots colloquial expression Back tae Auld Claes an’ Porridge – literally 'Back to Old Clothes and Porridge' –  is often used after a holiday, a party or other fun time, meaning it was great while it lasted, but now it’s back to the daily grind.

Image by Adam Wilson on Unsplash